Why would you wanna take away our firearms?

extrameatby Claire Timmerman

            The right to bear arms is our second amendment right. We have the right to protect our lives and property from those who are trying to steal it or hurt it. Some individuals do not feel safe enough with just military police with guns. Without firearms we would not be able to protect ourselves from others with self-defense or be able to control the wildlife in the United States. Firearms are classified into three types: Handguns, rifles, and shotguns. All three have some regulation restrictions on their respected type. People will always find their way around laws, but that is not to say that we should not have them, we just have to be smart about it. Marijuana is considered a class 1 drug by the federal government. According to the map on the website Governing the States and Localities, marijuana is legal for medical use in 21 states and the District of Columbia. It is legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington (“State Marijuana Laws Map”). Just because marijuana is illegal in other states, doesn’t mean there aren’t people smoking it illegally. If guns are taken away from American citizens, it doesn’t mean that all citizens are going to obey this rule. There will still be people breaking the law and keeping their guns.

In a perfect society, interactions between people should be reason and reason only. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect society. A gun is the only personal weapon that can put a hundred pound victim on the same footing as a two hundred pound attacker. A gun can remove the differences in age weight and strength of those involved in the attack. In 2013 there was a small group of “thugs” in the Kansas City area that had planned to attack a woman while her husband was out of town. To their surprise they were actually the ones that would be attacked. The woman heard a noise and it was her door knob jiggling. She retrieved her gun right away. She saw the men through the window putting on gloves and getting ready to break into her house. She opened fire. They tried to return fire back, but missed and ran away from her home. Her husband had taken her to a shooting range before this all happened to prepare her for a situation just like this (Huston par. 1-5). If this woman hadn’t had a gun in this situation she most likely would have died and had numerous things stolen from her home.

Hunting is a way of regulating wildlife and keeping the numbers down in the United States. Kyle Timmerman, a seasoned hunter in small town Nebraska says, “If mountain lions were not hunted they would be getting into farmer’s property and would kill their calves and cows” (n.pag.). They would be losing money all because of mountain lions. There are different seasons and times that you can actually hunt. For example, rifle deer season for 2013 opened on November 16th at dawn and closed November 24th at dusk. Once the sun sets in between those two dates you are legally not allowed to shoot an animal. Also the numbers of permits that are given out each year depend on the number of wildlife that are in that area. For this year of 2013, the number of permits handed out were down from the normal number because there were less deer out there to actually hunt and the Nebraska Game and Parks does a good job of protecting animals that we don’t want to get rid of forever. Darren Warner of Outdoor Life says, “To help increase all deer numbers, 3,900 fewer November firearms permits were issued for this fall” (Warner par. 5).

Deer hunting is a good way to get extra meat for your family. In Texas there is a group called Hunters for the Hungry and they donate the meat from the deer they shot to families that are in need of meat. Kelley Shannon of Austin reported that, “Last year 178,662 pounds of venison — or 700,000 servings — were donated in Texas, and demand keeps growing” (Shannon par. 8). Most of the people that receive this meat are struggling to pay the bills and can’t afford to buy meat for their family. Luckily through this program there are more opportunities for families to put meat on the table even if they are struggling to make ends meet.

The right to bear arms is our second amendment right. This right should not be taken away from us. Without firearms we wouldn’t be able to protect ourselves from intruders with firearms. A lot of people would be affected if we lost our right to bear arms in the United States and banning them from the citizens if not going to solve the problem. Without guns you would not be able to hunt game and it would be harder to control the wildlife in the United States. It’s very important that we regulate the wildlife in the United States! There would be more and more vehicle accidents happening due to an overflow of wildlife. Benjamin Franklin is famously quoted on saying, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

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7 thoughts on “Why would you wanna take away our firearms?

  1. Not to be a nit picker on an otherwise fine and well written article but… Silencers aren’t illegal. You have to purchase a tax stamp to own one and an additional stamp for any additional ones. Regards, Jay

  2. I agree with you in every possible way! Very good analogy between guns and Marijuana in your introduction. Being a big hunter myself I understand where your coming from. Great article!

  3. I would have to agree with you 100% on this topic. If I was to be attacked by someone or something I would always want a gun at my side for self defense. I feel that people just need to be taught more about how to use these weapons correctly.

  4. I would have to agree with a early comment regarding the analogy between marijuana and guns. Banning guns wont stop criminals from obtaining guns illegally anyway.

  5. I have to agree with you to the fullest extent! Coming from a small farm outside a tiny town, my entire family has been thought to use a gun. I started using them at eight years old. Personally I’m not a big hunter but for My little brothers its a way of life and how they make there money. Every year during hurting season they go after deer, raccoon, turkey, you name it. We never have to buy meat our freeze is always full. They sell the furs and that gives them spending money for the rest of the year so if that were to be taken away from them it would be to take away their entire way of life. Personally I’m not as big of a hunter as them but to me its more political. Just like you said its our 2nd amendment right and to take that a way would be violating everything our country stands for. Now not many people will agree with me on this but I personally think that an American citizen should have the right to own any gun that the military has. This includes machine guns, automatics, rocket launchers, grenades, etc. Not that I would ever use one but one of the main reasons we have the right to bear arms is in case the military would become too powerful. If the military ever got to the point where the people needed to take over, how are we suppose to Do that if we have crappy guns and the military has the latest and greatest weapons.

  6. I agree that people should keep the right to bear arms. A classmate of mine in speech also talked about this topic and he talked about how there is an increase in gun ownership and a low shooting. There are permits to conceal carry and I think that helps too.

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