Should College Athletes Be Paid?

by Austin Kellogg

Having been born into a very sports oriented family here in Nebraska I became fascIMG_1982inated with athletics at a very young age. Playing sports throughout middle school, high school and nowintramurals in college I try to stay involved as much as I can. When I can’t play sports I can do the second best thing, watch them. My favorite sports to watch are at the collegiate level especially when my Nebraska Cornhuskers are playing. Recently there has been a debate over whether or not those student athletes playing those sports should be paid. I believe paying student athleteswill hurt universities and college sports as a whole.

Universities across the country have an enormous amount of expenses that must be paid from year to year. Their budgets are getting thinner and could not afford the extra cost of paying student athletes.  Blake Duffin, a published writer in The Daily Cardinal, says “According to USA Today, only 23 of the 228 athletic programs at NCAA Division I public schools produced enough money to cover all of their expenses. In fact, very few schools do not accept subsidies for their programs” (Duffin 4). Paying student athletes would make a lot of universities either cut other programs budgets or eliminate their sports programs. I would hate to see universities cut their athletic programs because student athletes must be paid.

Student athletes want to be paid for playing their sports, despite the fact it could phase out their sports from universities; it seems to be a catch 22. Although most student athletes are already getting paid from universities, the scholarships athletes receive eliminate the cost of attending a university which includes tuition, room and board, sometimes even food and clothes. Horace Mitchell President of California State University-Bakersfield and on the NCAA Division I Board of Directors says “… they earn scholarships to pay tuition, fees, room and board, and other allowable expenses. Collegiate sports is not a career or profession. It is the students’ vehicle to a higher education degree” (Mitchell 2). The ability to play a collegiate sport is a great opportunity, which a lot of people would love to have including me. On top of being able to play the sport they love for four more years, student athletes are getting the entirety of their college expenses paid. Student athletes are starting to get greedy and want to be paid on top of all their scholarships and perks. Education is the reason these student athletes should be attending college in the first place. Obtaining a college degree is a difficult task and people should take pride of achieving that goal. Some student athletes use collegiate sports for a gateway to professional sports. For few of the student athletes that might work out, but if he or she blows out their knee after the first year in a professional sport and never recover fully what would they do? They are possibly stuck, some people may go back to school and some may not ever tap their true potential because they never finished their degree. That’s a risk they take with not truly valuing an education.

Paying student athletes would not only hurt universities and their educational integrity, but also the collegiate sports as a whole. Collegiate sports have become such a large part of American society, and no one would want to intentionally hurt them. If colleges would have the ability to pay their athletes, bidding wars could ensue over the best college athletes. Why would this end up being bad? Again only 23 Division I universities ended up making enough money to pay of all their expenses for a year. This would create unfair advantages for well-set economic universities that would be able to pay more money to athletes, which would make the same team’s annual champions. This would damage the competitive nature of college sports. Lynnette Reitz, the coach of the women’s soccer team at Lock Haven University says “If they were to be given extra money, we could see institutions that have endless resources field a team, in theory, who could all be NFL prospects” (qtd in McGovern 3). Reitz’s statement could very well happen for the very top division I universities. Collegiate sports would never be the same again if student athletes were to be paid.

College sports are my favorite things to watch either on TV or in Person. Granting I love nothing more than heading down to memorial stadium on Saturday; tailgating before the game than walking through the sea of red to watch the Huskers beat down whomever they are playing that week. That’s what I love about college sports they create memories and great times that people will never forget. Paying student athletes would change the whole dynamic with college sports. It would put more pressure on the players and anger the fans when players are not playing well although they are getting paid. Paying student athletes is a step in the wrong direction and I believe they should not be paid.



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17 thoughts on “Should College Athletes Be Paid?

  1. I completely agree with your stance on this topic. The students athletes are already receiving full ride scholarships, why or what would they need the money for. I understand that playing the sport is considered there job but it does change the whole dynamic and will put the universities in sticky situations, either shutting the program down due to not having enough money or changing other aspects of the University as a whole. I see no reason as to why the student athletes should be making thousands of dollars on top of free college all because they play a sport.

    • I was once a college athlete and from experience balancing homework, social life, money, etc can be very difficult. I barely had any money to do much of anything. I honestly believe college athletes should get paid a little bit in order to have some fun down time. Because when they aren’t having the free fun time, they are busy working on their studies or the sport they are involved in.

  2. You have a really sound argument! I like how you bring in both the financial strains that paying college athletes could put on universities and how paying college athletes could put certain schools at a disadvantage in athletics. I think getting free tuition, room, and board should be sufficient for college athletes because while they are participating in sports, the higher priority should be their schooling. Other students do not get paid to go to college, neither should they.

  3. As a former college athlete I have a very strong opinion on the matter. Balancing your sport, school, social life and any other extra activities is beyond stressful. I found I had little to no time for a job which left me with little to no money. Even a weekly allowance would have made the difference for me. I hope to see they begin to pay athletes for all the work they put in.

  4. I don’t really have a vast knowledge of sports, but I think that college students who are athletes should be paid or at least compensated for their dedication to their team.

  5. I think that your blog is very relevant right now. I am not sure what side I am on, but i understand both. I support your thoughts; that universities cannot afford to pay their athletes. I also support the athletes sides, that they cannot afford to play a spot without compensation. Hopefully, they will be able to figure out a happy medium soon!

  6. College athletes are expected to dedicate giant chunks of their time either at practices or in a game; same as professional athletes. I understand that colleges may not have the funds to pay college athletes like LieselHansen stated, but athletes should also be paid for their time dedicated to the sport they love.

  7. I agree with you when saying that they should not be payed to play the sport. Most athletes it seems like, receive a scholarship when attending a university just to play the sport, and if they are good enough, it covers most if not all of their payments. I don’t think however, if they suffer from an injury that it should be revoked. They were made a promise when they signed and it should be held for all four years while they receive an education.

  8. Athletes should not be paid to play a sport. Like everyone else stated, they already get scholarships. I feel that is enough. If they want to make money for playing a sport then they should be recruited to play pro sports where they do get paid. Also they shouldn’t get paid to play a sport in college because they would be more focus on earning money rather then focusing on earning a degree. Yes a student can play sports in college but they are in college to earn a degree, not to earn large amounts of money.

  9. I agree completely, I don’t think that they should be paid for college sports. I think your accurate in saying that it would put more pressure on the athletes.

  10. Being a former college athlete I personally feel that college athletes do need to be compensated for all of their contributions. I agree that paying these athletes would be a difficult task but there are many other ways that they can be rewarded for all of their time and effort. If they are not rewarded than these athletes should at least be able to brand themselves by signing endorsement deals or making money off of their jersey being sold. Just my thoughts.

  11. I completely agree with your article. I think you made some great points from your resources that made your stance on the subject even stronger. College athletes are already getting scholarships that are paying for their tuition, room and board, and other fees. I think they are getting enough paid for especially since they are choosing to participate in the sport. College sports are not professions, so until the athlete decides to make the sport their full time job, they should not be paid for playing.

  12. I completely agree with this stance as well. You made very valid points and it was interesting to see the other side of the argument after reading Tallon’s blog.The scholarships the students receive may not pay for everything, but it does cover most things and that’s more than most get. Playing sports is their choice. They get to do something they love while getting an education at the same time. it’s unfair that they have to struggle, but paying them extra would change the whole dynamic of the sport and create budget issues.

  13. I agree with you that college athletes should not be paid. Their first priority should always be school then sports. If they are paid then they would have the increased pressure to do well because they are getting paid for their performance. I just think would be a bad idea and would end up causing more problems then fixing the ones already in place.

  14. I could not agree more. I think college athletes asking to be paid is asking for too much. No one is making them play sports in college, it is their choice. The argument that they deserve money to have fun on their down time is not valid because they are choosing the sport as their down time. Many of them are already receiving college at a discounted price and I think they should be grateful for that.

  15. I completely agree that college athletes should not be paid. These kids are playing sports in college by choice, nobody is forcing them too play. So to pay them on top of getting scholarship money would be ridiculous.

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