Homework In Highschool


by Taylor Scherer

I think I can speak for over half of the students who have a learning disability when I say homework is very helpful throughout high school. I was in fourth grade when I found out I had a learning disability and for a long time I felt discouraged. I thought of myself as someone who wasn’t as intelligent or someone who couldn’t comprehend material very well. It wasn’t till my freshman year of high school when I felt more confident about myself. I had teachers who would give me smaller amounts of homework, yet it was beneficial to me. The small amounts of homework helped me to understand more of what I was doing rather than trying to accomplish a lot of homework. If it weren’t for the homework in high school, I would not be where I am today (Strong). Doing homework every day helps develop responsibility and prepares children for the responsibilities of adulthood. Many students don’t realize the benefits that are given to them when they do the assigned homework (Strong). Thus, teachers should be able to assign homework in order for students to become more successful and reach the achievement many students dream of.

Many students are too busy complaining about homework rather than doing it and realizing how successful they are being. “Homework gives an immediate impact on the retention and understanding of learning the material and gives an opportunity for parents to monitor how their students are doing in school” (qtd in “Achieving Success”). Generally speaking, most students’ attitudes will improve during school if he or she understands the material being taught. Homework helps students become more independent and become better problem solvers.

Homework can be very helpful in many ways.There are students who take college prep courses during high school and those students find themselves having hours of homework a night. In order to succeed in life, you have to take the proper steps to get there. Homework will help you understand the material being taught and will help you throughout college to get the degree that you want. Without homework, there will be no college degree. Homework also helps with time management. For instance learning to schedule enough time to complete an assignment may be difficult for your student. Even when students have a week to do a project, many won’t start until the night before it’s due. Learning to organize time into productive blocks takes practice and experience ( qtd in “Five keys to academic success”).

From my experience, I believe homework is very beneficial for any student. Having a learning disability is a struggle in itself. But, for any student who has the mind set of being successful they know what it takes to get to the finish line. Homework was a big struggle for me and still is, but without homework, I would not be where I am today. There are no words that can explain the emotions I had at my high school graduation. Being able to receive my diploma and knowing I had succeeded was the best feeling in the world. Homework got me to that point and homework will continue to guide me through college.

A good road to success is great decision making and the power to push students to be everything they can be. Homework will do that and more. Homework in high school is invaluable to have because it is that little push in life that makes a huge difference, even though not many students see that. In order to gain more knowledge and the be more successful, homework needs to be the more of a priority. Students should have homework in high school to help create a better future.

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10 thoughts on “Homework In Highschool

  1. I feel homework is needed. However, I agree with you. Teachers can give some homework but should not pile it on. I hated coming home from school everyday and having at least 4 hours of homework to do that night. Doing some homework is good for the brain but having a lot can lead to stress and anxiety. Schools and teachers should take this into consideration.

  2. In high school I hardly ever had homework which has made it difficult to adapt to college where i have hours of homework every night. I do believe that there is a difference between homework that will help you succeed and busy work that is something for you just to do.

  3. Taylor,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and I liked how you tied a personal story throughout your text. I, personally, agree that homework is a necessary step to preparing children for adulthood. Granted, there are several examples from my personal experience through highschool in which teachers assigned busy work that was not necessary. Unnecessary homework kind of put a dagger in school activities, sports, and clubs. But I do believe school is the top priority. Your view on this subject was fun to read. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Taylor,
    Thanks for sharing your story. I agree that homework is one of the best ways to help understand a subject while teaching students time management and responsibility. I admit that I absolutely hated doing it from middle school on. And not doing it showed in my grades. I chose video games and tv over homework every time. However, now that I’m older and in college, I’m more responsible with it because I’m actually paying for the classes and don’t want to waste money and I have a set goal to shoot for. Procrastination is still my enemy and fight it constantly with homework. It’s very possible that it wouldn’t be such a problem today if I had made the right choices with homework early on.

  5. I agree, homework is an essential part of understanding any subject. I’m glad you pointed out that it also helps students learn to be organized and develop their time management skills. That is so true. It really does help you prepare for the real world because you have to put the time and work into it to gain good results.

  6. I really like how you took the opposite side of what most students choose. I would have to agree with you that homework is very important in being able to fully understand the material. Homework in high school is beneficial but it is also beneficial in college. I have many professors that don’ t give out homework so the students have to rely on their own studying to get a good grade on the tests. Personally that is not always the best method because how am I suppose to judge how well I know the material. By doing homework assignments I am getting feedback on what I need to study more and what mistakes I am making, that way I can fix them before the exam. Some teachers don’t realize that this is the best way for students to get the feedback they need to do well in the course.

  7. I agree that homework is necessary. Good things in life do not come easy, they require hard work and dedication. The amount of material teachers would get through without the help of homework in order to aid its understanding is not enough to provide our students with a necessary education in order to succeed in life.

  8. homework is a necessary tool for many courses since it prepares you for exams which are a bulk of the grades in high school. However; too much homework can cause an overload of information on the students. I always hated ‘busywork’ in class and did not enjoy doing homework that I felt didn’t contribute to the learning process. I think evaluations of homework should be assessed in high school similar to what we do in college.

  9. I agree that little homework is more beneficial than a lot of it. It also helps if the student is passionate or wants to learn about one or two subjects. For me that was my history classes, I didn’t mind doing the work because I liked the class. If a student doesn’t understand then doing additional problems besides the homework may help.

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