High School Graduates College and Job-Ready

High School

  By Deja Johnson

Ever since I heard of college and knew that my parents would be able to make it happen for me I have been excited. For me, the next step out of high school was to make it to a university and get my degree. On the way, I learned that not everyone goes to college. Some people must begin working immediately, or at least trying to, but no one gave them the necessary skills to do so. No one taught these students how to receive a career without a college degree. If I were one of those students, then having some background information on the job I want would be very helpful.

Not everyone is going to college, but it seems like high schools do not keep that in mind. They do a great job at getting students ready for postsecondary education, but what about the students who will not go down that road? No one has prepared them for immediately entering the working world. This is a problem because it will be harder for these high school graduates to move forward without a clear-cut plan on how to find and achieve a career without going to college. High schools should incorporate job-training programs into their curriculum to make sure they are preparing all students.

Yes, there are many jobs that require a degree, but there are also ones that do not. One does not have to go to college to become a photographer or real-estate broker, but they could have been given a few pointers in high school. Someone could have taught them what to expect from the job, where to start looking for the job, and a little training for it. Instead, these students learned some information that they will never use when they could have been preparing for their job that does not require a degree. Alexandra Pannoni, education digital producer, said, “Career and technical education programs can prepare a teen for a job directly out of high school…” (3). Job-training programs would benefit those who have a job in mind and do not need college to achieve it.

Another reason high schools should have job-training programs, like vocational technical schools, is because it helps those who do not go to college, but those who do as well. Vocational-technical schools provide job-training experience to their students, but they also allow students to earn college credits. Public officer Kathy Demarest and Superintendent Victoria Gerht of a vocational-technical high school say, “They are earning industry-recognized credentials and college credits while completing their academic high school coursework” (3). If there are students going to college, then they earn some extra credits, but if that does not work out for them then at least they would have some job-related experience. With these types of schools everyone is being prepared.

High schools should incorporate job-training programs into their curriculum to get students job-ready in addition to college-ready. It is important for those who do not go to college to know what their next step is and how to succeed without a degree. Also, if job-training programs can benefit those who do go to college as well, then it would be a beneficial investment. One would have students prepared for the working world, but they would also have an idea of what to expect to learn in college too. There should be a path for everyone to take when they finally receive their first degree and leave life as they know it.


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Pannoni, Alexandra. “Vocational High School Programs an Option for Teens.” USN. N.p., 20 Oct. 2014. Web. 28 Mar. 2017.


3 thoughts on “High School Graduates College and Job-Ready

  1. This entry was very well thought out and brings up a very important point to the careers that don’t require college. I agree that this kind of training would be a great idea for high schoolers’ so they have another option after graduation. I also think that the visual does a great job at showing what is expected of the typical high school student.

  2. I feel this is a really important issue I’ve. There are many people that aren’t able to go to college after high school and since high school doesn’t teach them about work they cant find a good career. Right now it feel like high school is that play through of a game that later has nothing to do with it.

  3. Deja, I’m really impressed with the revisions you made on your visual. The final version is much easier to “read” and I think it gets your point across nicely!

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