Marijuana Isn’t Bad For You?



Imagine having uncontrollable seizures everyday of your life, not only that but being the parent and having to watch it not being able to do anything about it. These seizures are called Dravets which is a form of epilepsy that you can’t take medication to control the seizures. A girl by the name of Charlotte Figi was a three-year-old girl who live in Colorado with Dravets syndrome. At her peak when her parents had enough of all the other remedies she was having excess of 300 seizures a week. She would have 3-4 an hour.

Her parents were at a loss and exhausted all that they could do. But when Colorado legalized medical marijuana Charlottes mom did everything she could to find the 2 doctors needed to sign a medical marijuana card in the state of Colorado. When she did, she went and bought the oil that was needed to help treat her daughter. What she was doing was highly illegal. Taking the CBD from the THC is a federal offense not to mention giving it to a child. But she did it anyway and after the first week of treatment her daughter had been seizure free. But that oil was very hard to come by and very expensive.

Legalizing marijuana would make it easier for scientists to do further research on the abilities that marijuana could do for our health in a good way. It would also help more parents like Figi’s not feel so helpless in the fight to help their children. No parent wants to go through watching their child suffer day in and day out with the only way to help being illegal.

Legalizing marijuana wont only help the economy and create jobs it will help change many people’s lives. Marijuana used medically can be used to treat a whole assortment of diseases and illnesses. Starting out with AIDS, though it cannot treat AIDS in itself, but it can help combat the massive weight/appetite loss that goes along with AIDS. Marijuana can restore that patient’s appetite so that they can stay at a healthy weight, also helps combat the other side effects of AIDS such as nausea and anxiety. Also, stated by Dr. Molina MD “This is not the first time, researchers have identified the benefits Marijuana can provide to people with HIV. The findings stand on the shoulders of a great deal of research linking Marijuana and HIV. Cannabis is among the most promising treatments for nausea, appetite loss, pain, and anxiety.” (420 Evaluation)

Another major way marijuana is helping with is opiate addiction, it recently has started becoming a problem. A lot of doctors in Boston are starting to use marijuana treatments to help people get off opiates. Instead use marijuana to manage their pain. A Boston physician, Dr. Harold Altvater, said he has also successfully used medical marijuana as a substitute for other medications. “You are basically taking something that can be very harmful for an individual, and substituting it with another chemical, just like you would any other drug, that has a wider safety margin”. (Partnership)

I am saying that marijuana is a lot more harmless than most legal substances that help pain or are subscribed for anxiety. Such as alcohol, you can get alcohol poisoning but you would die of smoke inhalation before you died from marijuana overdose. There have been millions of people die from pain killer overdose or a sleeping pill overdose. Any of those legal narcotics mixed with alcohol has great adverse effects. Alcohol mixed with marijuana does not have the deadly effects to your health. Almost every add I see on T.V. for anti-anxiety or to help you sleep, if you listen till the very end when the guy speaks extremely fast you will almost always hear may cause strange dreams, thoughts of hurting yourself or death along with many other horrible side effects.

I may not have any personal experience with marijuana but knowing it can help little girls like Figi, that should help make your decision. Not being a parent I couldn’t imagine going through that at all. But knowing there is something out there that can help like marijuana makes you wonder why it is not legal. Knowing that prescribed medication does not help I mean it may not have been legal for her mother to test that on her but any chance at making my child not suffer I will take.





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8 thoughts on “Marijuana Isn’t Bad For You?

  1. Good blog, interesting, hot button topic. Looks like the research was done well, I liked the appeal to the readers emotions regarding the Figi family and the issues they faced with the legal obstacles of medical marijuana. I think that more articles like this need to be published to help demonstrate the beneficial effects of such a medicine. If enough awareness is spread, better research can be funded to read between the lines on marijuana and weed out the bad information from the good. Overall, good article I like the emotional appeal, and the comparison between marijuana and other legally prescribed drugs like painkillers.

  2. Your intro is very good! I didn’t pay much attention on why people should legalize marijuana until i read this and i agree with you that its much safer!

  3. Nick, nice emotional appeal with the story of the little girl. Also, in regard to your visual, no one can say they don’t know the topic of your blog. It’s certainly upfront. My question is: was it illegal for the girl’s mother to get her marijuana or was it already legal at that time? It wasn’t quite clear.

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