How should the US handle Refugees from the Middle East?

                       no-terrorism-stop-terror-sign-anti-terrorism-campaign-badge-world-map-flat-d-illustration-68742149 (1)  By: Jake Hancock

Immigration is one of the most talked about issues in presidential elections, whether Republican, or Democrat you’re probably not going to find somebody who has the same exact views as you do.  In this case, maybe a more heated and in-depth argument came out of “how should the United States handle refugees from the Middle East?”  These ideas and how to handle it did get very heated as we saw in the 2016 presidential campaign, as well as some people expressing their views against the immigration policy the president has.  But who really knows, is the immigration ban for the better, or for the worse of this country?  Is it a ban to put American safety first?  Or is it a Muslim ban?

Everybody in this country has had a family member come from a foreign country, (unless that person has Native American decent) whether it was a place like England before the revolutionary war, or even recent immigrants such as “first generation” Americans.  Most likely most people in this country welcome immigrants to come from whatever country they came from, and help them reach the American dream. Jeff Sessions says, “We need a lawful system of immigration-one that serves the interests of the people of the United States.  That’s not wrong.  That’s not immoral.  That’s not indecent.  We admit a million people a year-plus-lawfully.  We need to end this lawlessness that threatens the public safety, pulls down wages of working Americans” (Qtd in Siegel).  It is only fair that every immigrant coming into this country gets here legally, have extreme vetting to keep us safe, and the ban is only temporary.  

While some people say that it is illegal to have such ban, actually it isn’t.  “A 1952 immigration law gives the president the right to bar any class of people considered to be ‘detrimental to the interests of the United States’…A recent Pew poll indicated that 48 percent of Americans questioned said they wanted tougher immigration standards and 42 percent said they did not” (Regan).  Many people think it is only a ban on Muslims, but really is that the case?  Slater Bakhtavar says, “It is a temporary restriction on incoming immigrants from certain high risk countries that have proven they themselves are, or are willing to harbor groups that, are a known threat to the safety of the people of the United States. These are nations that are openly hostile – by their governments, by their people, or both – to America and its interests” (Bakhtavar).  Earlier this week, many Americans watched the horrible video as Syrians used chemical warfare on their own people, fathers holding their wives and children as they suffered until they couldn’t breathe any longer.  These are not the policies that the United States government would ever do on its own people.  

Another reason is that it is only temporary.  “What often gets over-looked by Trump’s critics is that all of the set bans are for the short-term.  The refugee program has been put on hold for 120 days and travel from the seven countries with high terror activity (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen) is only 90 days” (Wulfsohn).  This does not mean the administration is putting out this ban and not do anything to deal with it, during this time they will review and create an extreme vetting process(the act of making a prior examination and critical appraisal of a person, document, scheme, ect) to make sure that it is the easiest way to keep Americans safe without letting people who want to hurt this country in.  

Although it doesn’t guarantee 100 percent safety Americans want to feel safe.  “Americans want to feel safe and they don’t want to accept terrorism as the new norm.  They are reassured by President Trump’s commitment to protect us.  After all, he campaigned for months that he would ‘make America safe again’”(Wulfsohn).  In this day and age, should Americans have to live in constant fear that one day we as a nation could be under attack?  Or any country in the world for that matter.  Terrorism, if there are any at all should be what the next generation reads about in the history books, not a daily occurrence.  

Wouldn’t the world be a great place if everyone from every single country got along?  We can all agree on that, and that the world was a safe place, but in reality, it’s not.  People should realize our first priority is safety to not only ourselves, but to loved ones, and our country.  Most people are genuinely good in this world, and it is mind boggling that a select few from each and every country has to ruin it for everybody.  The United States of America is not a free ride, people have to earn the American dream, and respect the laws set in this country.  


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5 thoughts on “How should the US handle Refugees from the Middle East?

  1. An extreme vetting process is the proper step to take to prevent terrorist activities from happening in our country. This is only supported by the amount of attacks that have recently happened in countries that have allowed refugees. Overall, this entry was well put and thought out.

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